First trueColor3D only ran on Windows, because it strongly depended on the AviSynth audio/video scripting environment that is tricky to run on non-Windows machines.

I started to reprogram many of the conversions from AviSynth to only use video filter commands in ffmpeg.

This is the first result.

On OSX, the following old/new stereo-layouts are supported :

Youtube: my3D, iPad (over/under 1080p)
Vimeo: my3D, iPad (over/under), PC (over/under)
home use: my3D, iPad (iTunes), iPad (AirVideo)

Download version 0.95 from my DropBox :

Source code only (v0.95),

Windows 32-bit binary (v0.94),

OSX 32-bit binary (v0.95)