Preparing trueColor3D compatible xXx samples for a local adult entertainment show

There are several online video websites who already provide 3-D porn as VOD.

Some decided to support downloads of clips that only play on Windows PCs with NVidia 3DVision and either a 3DTV or 3DLCD 120 Hz and shutter glasses.

Some don’t care about preserving colors. They provide anaglyph photos and videos only.

None of them support Mac, none support mobile devices with color preserving methods.

That’s why I downloaded some xXx sample clips from and converted them to trueColor3D compatible formats.

I hope to meet some innovative porn producers on the VENUS 2011 in Berlin/Germany to bring adult content to the exploding realm of mobile web.

With the cheap and simple viewers (KMQ for tablets and stereo goggles for smartphones) there’s a new market segment.

Contact me privately to get links to the clips.